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This Thursday! Garden Workshop Series: Workshop #2


garden workshop seriesTHURSDAY | MAY 5
Garden Workshop Series #2: My House Is Your House – Inviting Pollinators to Our Yards. 5–7 p.m., Food Distribution, Keshena. We know bees, butterflies and other pollinators are important to our garden and the environment as a whole. During this workshop we will learn about the plants and structures that provide pollinators food, water, and shelter during different times of the year.

La Bamba Show at Menominee Casino Resort




Exclusively endorsed by the Ritchie Valens estate, Sting Ray Anthony’s “The La Bamba Show” is as close to experiencing the raw energy of the wave-cutting rocker Ritchie Valens you’ll ever get. Featuring Sting Ray Anthony and his band on guitars, upright bass, drums and keyboards, this is an unparalleled tribute to some of the greatest music in the history of early rock-n-roll. Cher, Lionel Richie, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Rod Stewart.

 $10.00 General Admission • Show begins at 7:00pm

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